Cross Recess Chemical Anchor

Short Description:

  • Name: chemical anchor fastener
  • Size: M8-M30
  • Length: 80-800mm or customizable
  • Standard: ISO / DIN / ANSI / ASME / ASTM / BS / AS / JIS
  • Brand Name : FIXDEX
  • Factory : YES
  • Material : Q235 / 35K / 45K / 40Cr / B7 / 20MnTiB / A2 / A4 carbon steel chemical anchor bolt & stainless steel chemical anchor bolt
  • Grade: 4.8,8.8,10.9
  • Surface : BZP, YZP, zinc plated or customizable
  • Samples : chemical anchor bolt samples are free
  • MOQ : 1000PCS
  • Packing : ctn, plt or customizable
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    Cross Recess Chemical Anchor


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    1. Cross Recess Chemical Anchor
    Chemical anchors refer to the connection of anchor glue and steel components on building structures or engineering equipment. chemical anchor bolt makes structures or engineering equipment in a stable state through anchoring with anchor glue or steel components. chemical fastener can keep various structures and various components stable under load, and prevent deformation and damage of structures. Anchor bolts are an important construction material in building structures. They are widely used in construction engineering and are essential building materials to ensure the safety and normal use of structures. As a commonly used reinforcement material, anchor bolts have been widely used in many aspects such as roads, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering and water conservancy facilities. With the advancement and development of science and technology,chemical anchor fastener anchor bolt technology has moved from traditional construction technology to digital construction technology.

    2. The use of chemical anchors for concrete

    3. Main technical indicators

    4. Technical requirements for  Chembolt

    The use of chemical anchor studs anchor bolts:

    1. Anchor bolts are mainly used at expansion joints of bridges and roads in engineering to prevent vehicles or construction machinery from colliding with soil foundations or rocks to prevent deformation of soil foundations or rocks.
    2. Anchor bolts are used at the expansion joints of bridges and roads to compensate for bridge cracks and road surface deformation.
    3. Anchor bolts are used for reinforcement of road embankments, slopes, etc.
    4. Anchor bolts are used to reinforce soft soil foundations to prevent road settlement cracks and road surface deformation caused by uneven deformation of foundation settlement.

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