Factory Job

Director of Safety and Environment

1. Environmental protection experience is preferred.

2. Have good interpersonal communication ability, practical work and strong learning ability.

3. Be responsible for environmental protection related matters.

4. Be responsible for safety related matters.

5. Do a good job in reception safety and environmental protection inspection.

Mechanical Engineer

1. Mechanical equipment design, packaging structure design, component selection and drawing design output.

2. Participate in trial production, commissioning and production transfer of products.

3. Solve technical problems during product production and assembly.

4. Compile relevant technical documents.


1. College degree or above in mechanical or electromechanical integration.

2. Skillfully use relevant software.

3. Master the basic theoretical knowledge related to mechanical design, machining process and assembly process.

Office Clerk

1. Be responsible for answering and making customer calls, and ask for sweet voice.

2. Be responsible for the management and classification of the company's product pictures and videos.

3. Printing, receiving and sending of documents, and management of important information.

4. Other daily work in the office.