Industrial wastewater Treatment

We strive to be oriented with water environment governance, meet industrial wastewater discharge standards, and base ourselves on the field of environmental governance, continue to innovate, dedicate ourselves, and benefit the society. Along with industrial development, environmental pollution also follows. Strict management of industrial wastewater is an indispensable means to effectively control water pollution. Design, construction and management of industrial layout, wastewater discharge standards, and wastewater treatment facilities. Wastewater of different water quality shall be treated separately.


Industrial wastewater

Regulation pool

neutral pool

Aerated Oxidation Pond

coagulation reaction tank

Sedimentation tank

filter pool

pH callback pool


The importance of preventing pollution and protecting the environment must be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everyone takes the initiative to reduce pollution. The factory takes the initiative to incorporate the treatment and disposal of wastewater generated during production into the production process. If it should be disposed of in the factory, it shall be disposed of in the factory.