Business Support


Customer Service
FIXDEX Customer Service offers customer solutions by providing professional consulting and expert advice to products and applications.
You can contact us on the phone, via e-mail and fax or online chat.

Technical Consulting
FIXDEX overseas business department comprised of sales engineers who have thorough fastener knowledge and direct sales experience to the end user of our products.
Contact us directly since you would receive one to one professional advice by our multilingual staff.

Online check the product category.

Product Assistance
For better enhancing the efficiency of your project, FIXDEX offers professional technical instructions, application video, CAD drawing, ensuring install direct fastening products correctly and safely.
Our experienced technicians are always be ready to deliver professional knowledge to end users in different areas.
We offer high availability for full range of products.

We have business partner in more than 60 countries, supplying with entire range of products as request.

On-site Testing & Quality Assurance
FIXDEX performs tensile tests and pullout test determining the given strength of the material, controls the quality strictly.
We have qualified personnel to perform the tests and calibrate regularly before package.