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  • Name: Foundation Bolts Wholesale
  • Size: M8-M72
  • Standard: ISO / DIN / ANSI / ASME / ASTM / BS / AS / JIS
  • Material : Q235 / 35K / 45K / 40Cr / B7 / 20MnTiB / A2 / A4 carbon steel foundation bolt & Stainless Steel Foundations Bolts
  • Surface : BZP / HDG / BLACK / DACROMET / TEFLON or customizable
  • Brand Name : FIXDEX
  • Factory : yes
  • Samples : Foundation / L Bolts samples are free
  • MOQ : 1000PCS
  • Packing : ctn, plt or customizable
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    foundation bolt

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    1. foundation bolt use:

    foundation anchor bolts are mainly used for grounding protection of large electric equipment.

    It can be used in conjunction with the grounding grid to eliminate the overvoltage generated when the grid is grounded.
    It can be used in conjunction with various types of anchor bolts to eliminate the damage to equipment caused by the vibration generated by various types of anchor bolts.
    In large-scale power grids, the use of anchor bolts can eliminate the damage to electrical equipment and electrical equipment caused by the shock load caused by the earthquake, and the shock load caused by improper installation or operation of the line on electrical equipment and equipment. Damage caused by electrical installations.

    2.anchor bolts for concrete foundation Structural properties

    (1). The L bolt material is made of high-quality carbon steel foundation bolt, which has good strength and toughness.
    (2). The thickness of the galvanized  foundation bolt layer can reach 2.0 mm, and the corrosion resistance is good.
    (3). The appearance is white, smooth and uniform, and the surface is smooth without burrs.
    (4). Before installation, check whether there is corrosion or rust, and deal with it in time if there is any.

    3. foundation bolt Features and uses
    (1). The product has corrosion resistance, which is 2-3 times that of carbon steel L bolt,carbon steel J bolt,carbon steel U bolt.
    (2). Galvanized anchor bolts can be used for anchor fixing and welding, and can also be used after hot-dip galvanizing.
    (3). This product is a non-standard product, not suitable for on-site installation.
    (4). Pay attention to protect the fixed object during use to prevent damage to the installed object.


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