Spiral Inverted Cone Chemical Anchor

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Spiral Inverted Cone Chemical Anchor is one of our new products

  • Type: Chemical anchor
  • Color: Blue, Zinc White
  • Standard: DIN
  • Surface treatment: Zinc-plating
  • MOQ: 1000PCS
  • Material: Steel, Galvanized Steel
  • Email : info@fixdex.com
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    Inverted Cone Chemical Anchor features
    Knurling design increases the friction force of the anchor bolt and effectively solves the problem of slipping in the anchor bolt hole
    Combined with the use of Gu Nai An planting reinforcement glue to better play the anchoring performance
    Compared with ordinary inverted cones, spiral inverted cones perform better in the anchoring process

    Inverted Cone Chemical Anchor bolt application
    Suitable for high-load anchoring in cracked and non-cracked concrete
    Anchor steel structure links (such as steel columns, beams)
    Anchor secondary steel structures (such as shelves, guardrails, sound insulation screens)
    Suitable for heavy fastening of dynamic loads (such as automatic machinery, machinery, cranes, elevators)




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