10.9 grade hex bolts

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Ultra-high-strength 10.9 hex bolt can reduce weight and increase installation space by reducing their own size under the same clamping force. Therefore, the function and volume of the connected components can be optimized, thereby achieving overall weight reduction and performance optimization of the equipment. .

  • Name: 10.9 hex screw
  • Size: M6-M60 1/4”-2-1/2” or customizable
  • Standard: ISO / DIN / ANSI / ASME / ASTM / BS / AS / JIS
  • Material : Q235 / 35K / 45K / 40Cr / B7 / 20MnTiB / A2 / A4 carbon steel 10.9 hex bolt & stainless steel hex bolt 10.9
  • Grade: 4.8/5.8/6.8/8.8/10.9
  • Surface : BZP / HDG / BLACK / DACROMET / TEFLON or customizable
  • Brand Name : FIXDEX
  • Factory : yes
  • Samples: 10.9 grade bolt samples are free
  • MOQ : 1000PCS
  • Packing : ctn, plt or customizable
  • Email : info@fixdex.com
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     M58  M62  M64  M68

    Standards: GB/T5782,GB/T5783,DIN931,DIN933,DIN960,DIN961,ISO4014,ISO4017,ASTM A307,ASTM A325(M)



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    Bolts with a material grade exceeding 8.8 are “high-strength bolts”?

    The core difference between 10.9 tensile bolts and hex bolts is not the strength of the material used, but the form of force. The essence is whether to apply preload force and use static friction to resist shear.

    What is the strength of high-strength bolts?

    10.9 grade bolt standard: The static friction between the effective friction surfaces is overcome, and the relative displacement of the two steel plates occurs, which is considered damage in terms of design.

    High load-bearing capacity means High Tensile Grade 10.9 Bolts?

    The strength of high-strength bolts does not lie in the design value of its own load-bearing capacity, but in the stiffness of its design nodes, high safety performance, and strong resistance to damage.

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