The most comprehensive comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of hexagon socket head bolts and hexagon socket head bolts

Cost and economic benefits of hex bolt (din931)  and socket bolt (allen head bolts)

In terms of cost, the production cost of hexagon socket bolts is relatively low due to their simple structure, which is about half of the cost of hexagon socket bolts.

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Advantages of Hexagon Bolts

1. Good self-locking performance

2. Large preload contact area and large preload force

3. A wider range of full-thread lengths

4. Reamed holes can be present to fix the position of parts and withstand shear caused by die force

5. The head is thinner than the hexagon socket, and the hexagon socket cannot be replaced in some places

Disadvantages of Hex Bolts screw

The advantages of external hexagonal bolts are good self-locking, wide preload contact surface, wide range of full-thread length, and can be positioned by reaming holes to withstand lateral shear forces. Internal hexagonal bolts are known for their ease of fastening, space saving, improved aesthetics and load-bearing capacity, and are particularly suitable for situations where countersunk processing is required. External hexagonal bolts take up a large space and are not suitable for compact spaces; internal hexagonal bolts have limited preload due to their small contact surface, and the use of special wrenches increases the difficulty of maintenance.

Advantages of Hex Socket Bolts

1. Small space occupied

2. Easy to fix

3. Large load bearing

4. Not easy to disassemble

5. Not easy to slip

6. Can be countersunk and sunk into the workpiece, more delicate, beautiful, and will not interfere with other parts.

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