Guide for foreign trade people – the most comprehensive list of important festivals in June?

festivals in june in Malaysia June 3

Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s birthday

The King of Malaysia is widely referred to as the “Yangdi” or “Head of State”, and the “Yangdi’s Birthday” is a holiday established to commemorate the birthday of the current Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia..

festivals in june in Sweden June 6

National Day

The Swedes celebrate their National Day on June 6 to commemorate two historical events: Gustav Vasa was elected king on June 6, 1523, and Sweden implemented its new constitution on the same day in 1809. The Swedish people celebrate their National Day with Nordic-style theatrical performances and other means.

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June 10

Portugal Day

Portugal’s National Day is the anniversary of the death of the Portuguese patriotic poet Luis Camões.

June 12


The 49th day after the first day of Passover is the day to commemorate Moses’ receipt of the “Ten Commandments”. Since this festival coincides with the harvest of wheat and fruits, it is also called the Harvest Festival. This is a joyous festival. People decorate their homes with flowers and eat a sumptuous holiday meal the night before the festival. On the day of the festival, the “Ten Commandments” are recited. At present, this festival has basically evolved into a children’s festival.

June 12

Day of Russia

On June 12, 1990, the First Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian Federation adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation. In 1994, this day was designated as Russia’s Independence Day. After 2002, it was also called “Russia Day”.

June 12

Democracy Day

Nigeria has a national holiday marking its return to democratic rule after a long period of military rule.

June 12

Independence Day

In 1898, the Filipino people launched a large-scale national uprising against Spanish colonial rule and announced the establishment of the first republic in Philippine history on June 12 of that year. This day is the National Day of the Philippines.

June 17

Eid al-Adha

Also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, it is one of the most important festivals for Muslims. It is held on December 10th of the Islamic calendar. Muslims bathe and dress in their best clothes, hold meetings, visit each other, and slaughter cattle and sheep as gifts to commemorate the occasion. The day before Eid al-Adha is Arafat Day, which is also an important festival for Muslims.

June 17

Hari Raya Haji

In Singapore and Malaysia, Eid al-Adha is called Eid al-Adha.

June 24

Midsummer Day

Midsummer is an important traditional festival for residents in northern Europe. It is a public holiday in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. It is also celebrated in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland and other places, but especially in Northern Europe and the United Kingdom. In some places, local residents will erect a midsummer pole on this day, and bonfire parties are also one of the important activities.

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