Do you know what’s the difference of Grade 10.9 bolts with different size?

Grade 10.9 bolts are high strength bolts

Grade 10.9 bolts are high strength bolts with a performance grade of 10.9. This grade indicates that the tensile strength and yield strength of the bolt have reached a very high level, making it suitable for carrying large loads. 10.9 hex head bolt 


and impact the situation. Grade 10.9 bolts are usually made of alloy steel or stainless steel hex bolt and have high corrosion resistance and fatigue strength.

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M6-M64 hex bolts: This is the diameter range of grade 100 bolts,

The length of grade 10.9 bolts is usually determined according to use occasions and requirements, and can be adjusted as required. In general, the longer the length, the stronger the load-bearing capacity, but the weight will also increase.

volume and cost

Grade 10.9 bolt thread types include coarse threads and fine threads. Coarse threads have high load-bearing capacity and self-locking properties, and are suitable for situations where they can withstand large loads and impact forces.

Fine threads have better sealing and conformability, and are suitable for situations where precise preload force control is required.

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