Advantages of threaded rods heat treatment

What is stud bolt heat treatment?

Threaded Bar Heat treatment is to change the structure and performance of the Threaded Rod Fasteners by heating and cooling it.

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What are the advantages of Steel Threaded heat treatment?

FIXDEX Threaded Bar In Concrete heat treatment is an important process used to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the Fully Threaded Bar.

First, it can increase the hardness of the 8.8 Threaded Bar, making it more wear-resistant, there by extending the service life of the Threaded Bar Rod. Secondly, it can improve the strength of the Threaded Bar Extension, allowing it to withstand greater loads and stresses. In addition, heat treatment can also improve the surface quality and accuracy of the Threaded Bar 8.8 and improve its movement smoothness and accuracy.

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The lead screw is first heated to a certain temperature, usually above its critical temperature. The B7 Galvanized Threaded Rod is then rapidly cooled by rapid cooling, such as water quenching or oil quenching. This rapid cooling can cause a phase change in the organizational structure of the High Tensile Steel Threaded Rod, thereby increasing its hardness and strength.

The benefits of Steel Threaded Studs heat treatment are obvious.

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Why choose FIXDEX heat treated Threaded Rod Manufacturer?

First, the heat treatment temperature and cooling rate need to be strictly controlled to ensure that the performance of the lead screw meets expectations.

Secondly, heat treatment will produce certain deformation and stress, so subsequent annealing treatment is required to reduce stress and restore shape. By controlling the parameters of heat treatment and subsequent processing, it is possible to ensure that the lead screw meets the expected requirements and provide better motion control solutions.

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