Manufacturer China Chemical Anchor Bolt DIN Standard

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Manufacturer China Chemical Anchor Bolt DIN Standard

Chemical Anchor Bolt,Chemical Anchor DIN Standard,Manufacturer Chemical Anchor Bolt

1. Chemical Anchor Bolt is suitable for fixing heavy loads on near margins and narrow members (columns, balconies, etc.).2.Manufacturer Chemical Anchor Bolt Can be used in concrete3. Chemical Anchor is suitable for the following anchoring: steel reinforcement, metal components, trailers, machine substrates, roadguardrails, formwork fixing, soundproof wall footing fixing, street sign fixing, sleeper fixing, floor edge protection, heavysupport beams, roof decoration Components, windows, safety nets, heavy lifts, floor support, construction support fixing, throughtransmission system, sleeper fixing, support and racking system fixing, anti-collision facilities, car trailers, pillars,chimneys, heavy billboards, heavy Soundproof walls, fixed heavy doors, fixed sets of equipment, fixed tower cranes, fixed pipes,heavy trailers, fixed rails, nail plate connections, heavy space partitions, shelves, awnings.4. Suitable for fixing the base plate with small wheelbase and multiple anchor points.

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