ETA APPROVED wedge anchor

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We are factory with approval of ETA, ICC , CE and International standard ISO9001

  • Name: wedge anchor eta approved
  • Size: M6-M24
  • Length: 40-200mm or customizable
  • Standard: ISO / DIN / ANSI / ASME / ASTM / BS / AS / JIS
  • Brand Name : FIXDEX
  • material: Q235 / 35K / 45K / 40Cr / B7 / 20MnTiB / A2 / A4 carbon steel wedge anchor & stainless steel wedge anchor
  • Grade: 4.8,5.8,6.8,8.8,12.9
  • Product combination: 1 bolt, 1 nut, 1 flat washer or customizable
  • Surface : BZP, YZP, zinc plated or customizable
  • Samples : through bolt eta approved samples are free
  • MOQ : 1000PCS
  • Packing : ctn, plt or customizable
  • Factory: yes
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    Wedge anchor exported to the EU must meet the requirements of ETA certification. The main tests include:

    Basic Works Requirement
    1. Mechanical resistance and stability
    Characteristic resistance to tension load.
    2. Resistance to steel failure (tension).
    3. Resistance to combined pull-out and concrete failure.
    4. Resistance to concrete cone failure.
    5. Edge distance to prevent splitting under load.
    6. Maximum setting torque moment.
    7. Minimum edge distance and spacing
    Characteristic resistance to shear load (static and quasi-static loading)
    8. Resistance to steel failure (shear)
    9. Resistance to pry-out failure
    10. Resistance to concrete edge failure.
    Displacements under short term and long term loading
    11 Displacements under short term and long term
    12 Durability of metal parts
    Characteristic resistance and displacements for seismic performance categories C1 or C2 (optional)
    13 Resistance to steel failure

    ETA APPROVED wedge anchor

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    Eta Approved Wedge Anchor features
    ETA-certified screw-type expansion anchors ETA approved through bolt, the overall structure is optimized compared with ordinary screw-type expansion anchors, which improves the anchoring performance, and has significantly enhanced static and dynamic load-bearing performance. ETA screw-type expansion anchors are more The tensile strength of ordinary screw-type expansion anchors is increased by 10%

    Long thread: suitable for spacing installation, flexible adjustment
    Select the appropriate embedding depth according to the fixed plate thickness. As the embedding depth increases, the tensile force increases. This product has a reliable post-expansion function

    TB 7 wedge anchor application

    Applicable to the fastening of penetrating objects in non-cracked concrete (such as equipment, channel steel, guide rails, brackets, steel structures, escalators, railings, curtain walls, etc.)










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