We Are Waiting For You At The Dubai Solar Show 2023

Exhibition information

Exhibition name: Dubai Solar Show 2023

Exhibition time :15-17 November 2023

Exhibition Venue(address) : Sheik Zayed Road Convention Gate Dubai UAE

Booth number: 6F17

Email: info@fixdex.com

The products exhibited by GOODFIX & FIXDEX GROUP this time include:

Range of exhibition:  U-shaped steel, H-Steel, Spiral ground pile, Pre buried pile, Triangle connector, Round tube, bolt, crush, purlin bracket,corner code, brace, hoop, steel connection, square steel, Welding base, U-bolt, Plastic wing nut, Self locking flange nut, Purlin bracket. corner code, Steelstrand, Wiring nut, T-bolt, Pinball nut, Expansion bolt, Grounding flat steel, Steel connection, Guide rail, Guide rail connector, Double head bolt, Fixture, Slide nut, Self tapping thread, J-shaped hook, Conductive sheet,H-shaped steel, Bracing, U-shaped steel, Vodka sink, M-shaped sink, W-shaped sink, U-shaped sink, Edge sink, Ridge sink, Wedge clamp,Middle support plate, Sink bracket, Panlong pressure block, PanLong pressing plate, Horizontal small water sink

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With the rapid development of the world’s new energy industry, the Abu Dhabi solar Exhibition has also received widespread attention. The Dubai Solar Show, launched by DEWA, the Ministry of Water and Electricity in Dubai, the Middle East, will be held at the same time as the Dubai Water and Electricity Show in the Middle East. FIXDEX & GOODFIX actively participate in this Dubai Solar Show 2023

The Dubai Solar Show in the Middle East is dedicated to providing a unique display platform for the latest solar energy projects in this field, and will also build a perfect trading platform for global solar photovoltaic companies to develop the Middle East market. FIXDEX Factroy4 Photovoltaic brackets Manufacturing

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In recent years, energy companies in the Middle East have taken advantage of the abundant local sunlight resources to actively develop solar energy. According to the latest report from the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA), the Middle East will purchase more than 4GW of solar power. The photovoltaic market in the Middle East and Africa is expected to grow to 9GW. The Dubai Solar Show in the Middle East is the best trading platform for Chinese solar photovoltaic companies to enter the Middle East and even North African markets. GOODFIX &FIXDEX Welcome for field visit anytime.

Post time: Nov-17-2023
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