The difference between threaded rods and double end threaded rod

The main difference between thread bolt product and double end threaded stud bolts lies in their structure, transmission efficiency, accuracy, and applicable scenarios.

threaded end and double-end threaded rods Structural differences

A single head screw has only one starting point for a helix, which starts from one end and ends at the other, while a multi head screw has multiple starting points for a helix, usually 2, 3, or more, with a certain interval between each starting point.

The difference between threaded rods and double end threaded rod,double-end threaded stud,double end threaded bar

Transmission efficiency and accuracy

Multi head screw has higher transmission efficiency and accuracy compared to single head screw, as it can provide more contact points and more uniform load distribution, thereby achieving higher feed speed and more precise position control.

Carrying capacity and movement speed

The load-bearing capacity of a multi head screw is usually large. In the same rotation, the lead (distance) of the multi head screw is N times that of a single head screw (N is the number of heads), so the movement speed is also faster.

Application scenarios

Single head screw is suitable for simple linear motion transmission, such as some basic transmission tasks, while multi head screw is more suitable for applications that require high precision, high efficiency, and multi-directional motion, such as precision adjustment of mechanical equipment and high-speed motion control.

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