Container fasteners freight rates rise again

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A new wave of freight price increases will be ushered in in June (wedge anchor types of container for shipping)

On May 10, the liner company quoted prices in the range of US$4,040/FEU-US$5,554/FEU. On April 1, the quote for the route was US$2,932/FEU-US$3,885/FEU.

The U.S. line has also increased significantly compared to before. The quotation from Shanghai to Los Angeles and Long Beach Port on May 10 reached a maximum of 6,457 US dollars/FEU.

The overall freight rate will increase again(container of fastener bolt)

As demand in Europe and the United States picks up, as well as concerns about the increasing detour time of the Red Sea crisis and delays in shipping schedules, cargo owners have also increased their efforts to replenish inventory, and the overall freight rate will increase again.

The ships sailing to Europe every week are of different sizes, which brings great trouble to customers when booking space. European and American traders have also begun to replenish inventory in advance to avoid facing shortage of shipping space during the peak season of July and August.

The person in charge of a freight forwarding company said, “The freight prices have started to rise again, and it is impossible to get boxes!” This “lack of boxes” is essentially a lack of shipping space.

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The shipping space before the end of May is full, and freight rates are expected to continue to rise in the next two weeks.(container of fastener nuts)

In terms of China-U.S. routes, the loading rate of the U.S. line continued to be fully loaded in the first half of the month, especially in the West America. The situation of limited low-price cabins and tight FAK cabins will continue until the second half of the year. Canadian railway workers will go on strike on May 22. potential risks.

Data released by the Ningbo Shipping Exchange on the 10th showed that the NCFI comprehensive index this week was 1812.8 points, an increase of 13.3% from last week. Among them, the European route freight index was 1992.9 points, an increase of 22.9% from last week; the freight rate of the West-West route was 1992.9 points, an increase of 22.9% from last week; The index was 2435.9 points, an increase of 23.5% from last week.(coupler fasteners)

In terms of North American routes, the freight index for the US-Western route was 2628.8 points, an increase of 5.8% from last week. The East African route fluctuated greatly, with the freight index at 1552.4 points, an increase of 47.5% from last week.

According to insiders in the freight forwarding industry, as shipping companies continue to control cabins and reduce and combine shifts during the May Day holiday, the cabins are full before the end of May, and many urgent cargoes may not be able to get on board despite the increased prices. It can be said that it is difficult to find a cabin at present. .

Industry insiders said they never expected that market demand would be so huge after the May Day holiday. Previously, in response to the May Day holiday, shipping companies generally increased the proportion of blank flights by about 15-20%.

This has led to a tight space situation on North American routes in early May, and the space is currently full before the end of the month. Therefore, many planned shipments can only wait for the June ship.

Post time: May-15-2024
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