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Overview of Threaded Rods and How They Work

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Also known simply as a stud bolt, a threaded rod is a metal fastener — typically made of stainless steel,Carbon steel — that’s characterized by the presence of threading on both ends. Depending on the specific type of threaded rod, the threading may extend just partially, or it may extend all the way. Regardless, all threaded rods feature threading on both ends, making it particularly useful in applications where tension is applied.
thread rod,stud bolt,threaded screw,Overview of Threaded Rods and How They Work
Threaded rods are similar to bolts. They both feature a similar design consisting of a narrow fastener with threading. With that said, they aren’t necessarily the same. Bolts only have threading on one end, whereas threaded rods have threading on both ends. Furthermore, the end of the bolt without threading typically features a head, which is used to drive the head into the respective object or workpiece.
It’s also worth mentioning that most threaded rods, though not all, are longer than bolts. It’s not uncommon for threaded rods to be over 1 foot long. In comparison, bolts are typically just a few inches long.
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