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Wedge anchor and through bolt Manufacturers of FIXDEX has successfully concluded the 2020 Shanghai Fastener Exhibition

Number of visits: Date:2020-09-09

The 11th Shanghai Fastener Professional Exhibition lasted for 4 days, and hundreds of well-known companies gathered together. As one of the professional fastener manufacturers,

FIXDEX FASTENING TECHNOLOGY was invited to attend this exhibition. In this exhibition, our company brings a variety of innovative cutting-edge technologies and our products Wedge Anchor, Through Bolt, Anchor Bolt, Chemical Anchors, Drop in Anchors, Self-Drilling Screws, Metal anchors, Nylon, Self -Tapping Screws , Screws for wood, PVC screws, Drywall Screws, Clamps, Rivets ,Wood Connectors, fixing Systems and some others.

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The crowds at the FIXDEX booth, constant consultation, efficient service and high-quality products, have gained wide recognition from customers and guests from all over the world!
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