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Responsibility & Commission

FIXDEX is committed to continuously improve product quality and enhance our social responsibility.

Besides the top quality self-drilling screws, FIXDEX brand have already developed the full range fasteners in fixing system, such as chipboard screw, rivet, chemical anchor, screw bolt, wedge anchor, and so on.

FIXDEX is a top brand of fastener in China and have a series of brand products.

FIXDEX responsibility is based on the four aspects. Sustainable environment and recycling, enhancing clients satisfaction, corporate long-term planning, employee health and happiness.

Sustainable environment and recycling

Continuously invests in equipment update and technology improvement

Enhancing clients satisfaction

Always puts clients needs and satisfaction as the priority


Corporate long-term planning

The most professional manufacturer of screws and anchors in Asia

Employee health&happiness

Total employee number over 500 including workshop workers