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  • Product Name: HDG wedge anchor
  • Product No: 2.1.05
  • Material: Steel,A4
  • Applications: Fixing for steel constructions, profiles, machines, substructures, high-racks, cable trays.

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HDG wedge anchor



Base material

Concrete and natural hard stone


Steel 5.5/8.8 grade, zinc plated steel, A4(SS316), highly corrosion resistant steel

Head configuration

Externally threaded

Washer selection

Available with DIN 125 and DIN 9021 washer

Type of fastening

Pre-fastening, through fastening

2 embedment depth

Maximal flexibility offering reduced and standard depth

Setting mark

Easy for installation checking and acceptance

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HDG wedge anchor of FIXDEX fastener manufacturers has advanced production equipment, with 25 sets of multi-station high-speed cold heading machine, 10 sets of high-speed thread rolling machine from Taiwan Jiancai, 12 sets of thread rolling machines from Zhejiang Huayu, and more than 20 sets of punch machine, lathe and milling machines. It is one of the largest domestic manufacturer of anchor bolts. The company has built 10 production lines for galvanizing, adopting the most advanced environmental protection galvanizing technology to ensure the quality of products. The monthly capacity reaches 20 million sets.


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