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  • Product Name: stainless wedge anchors and stainless steel concrete wedge anchors
  • Product No:
  • Material: 304,SS
  • Applications: Fixing for steel constructions, profiles, machines, substructures, high-racks

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stainless wedge anchors or stainless steel concrete wedge anchors



Base material

Concrete and natural hard stone


SS,304,Steel 5.5/8.8 grade, zinc plated steel, A4(SS316), hot dip galvanized

Head configuration

Externally threaded

Washer selection

Available with DIN 125 and DIN 9021 washer

Type of fastening

Pre-fastening, through fastening

2 embedment depth

Maximal flexibility offering reduced and standard depth

Setting mark

Easy for installation checking and acceptance

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what is the diffrent between carbon steel wedge anchor and stainless steel wedge anchors fastenal?

1. High temperature resistance

High temperature resistance of stainless steel wedge anchor bolts: It is precisely because the hardness of stainless steel fasteners themselves is strong enough, the fasteners after production and processing have strong oxidation resistance, and they can also work normally under high temperatures , So it won’t be disturbed by high temperature too much. If stainless steel fasteners can be passivated at the same time before use after manufacturing, then its effect will become better.

2. Electropositive rate

The electrical cathode rate of stainless steel wedge anchors for concrete: The physical properties of stainless steel fasteners have a high electrical cathode rate. Therefore, compared with carbon steel wedge anchor, the electrical cathode rate of stainless steel fasteners is five times higher than its cathode rate. After testing, we have found that there is an expansion coefficient in the fastener. If the temperature is higher, the expansion coefficient of the stainless steel fastener will gradually increase as the temperature increases.

3. Force capacity

The force capacity of stainless steel wedge anchors 3/8: For stainless steel fasteners, the load that its force capacity can carry is medium. Even if it is not comparable to high strength bolts, the force capacity of stainless steel wedge anchors 1/2 can be satisfied. People’s daily needs.

4. Mechanical properties stainless steel wire

The mechanical properties of stainless steel fasteners: In the mechanical properties, most of us know that the mechanical properties of many fasteners have a great relationship with the stainless steel wire. For example: no rust, high corrosion resistance, etc. These are all related to the nature of the stainless steel material itself. With the continuous development of fasteners, these mechanical properties will become stronger. 


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